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Multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Sami Sumner has been performing from an early age and began writing and composing from the age of 11. Raised in a musical household, Sami began playing the piano at age 5 and saxophone at 11. Inspired by the greats of pop, rock and soul, Sami Sumner's music infuses the best of those musical styles to create music that is a breath of fresh air as well as instantly classic and familiar.

Debut album 'Hope It's Not Too Late' is the result of years of writing, performing and recording, meticulously honing his craft and creating this special, intoxicating blend of music. A chance to catch him live in concert is not something to be missed, as this is the best way to get the full experience from this engaging, enigmatic, young performer. Sami Sumner is the pop and soul artist you never knew you'd been searching for your whole life.

Expect big things from Sami Sumner in 2016 and beyond.

Watch the promo video for the first single "Never Be The Same" here.


"Working with hundreds of artists I come across good voices and musicians all the time, but then just once in a while that true rarity walks into my studio, the artist who from the very first measure stops me in my tracks with a musical and vocal delivery so raw with emotion and naked truth that it rips right through me causing every cell to tingle. That artist is Sami Sumner.

I feel truly blessed that I have been allowed to walk a little of this journey with Sami. His fluid and emotive piano playing causes everyone in the room to wilt, his voice so unique and so soul searching as he climbs effortlessly to heights that many male voices only dream of. Songs so beautifully constructed but with a flow so natural that only a true musician can deliver.

I have waited so long for this album. “Keep This Up” has remained on my ipod favourites list along with the likes of Stevie Wonder, for an eternity. Thank you Sami for finally providing the world with the completed version of these truly inspirational songs."

Rachel Black

Institute for Vocal Advancement and Speech Level Singing

"Sami Sumner. The name conjures up lazy, sultry summer days. And the vibe on the first cd by this exciting new solo artist is just that: sultry, laid-back, with an edge.

Sami Sumner has been playing the London circuit for a while now, and his first cd, 'Hope It's Not Too Late', shows his experience and maturity. He is a multi-instrumentalist and his songs classy, finely-crafted little works of art. The songs are about love. Lost love, despair, new love, hope, beautifully expressed in his clear, mellow voice. 'Never Be The Same', the song which introduces us to Sami via his first video available on Youtube, is a gently funky song of hope. The song 'Him' shows off Sami's wide vocal range; a melancholy song, a little anger and despair, expressed through beautiful harmonies. l love 'Back To Life', its celebratory vibe conjuring up late 70's/early'80s New York disco. The title song 'Hope It's Not Too Late' has gorgeous piano underpinning a breezy upbeat tune. 'Keep This Up' is a little dark, a song of loss and sorrow, ideal for late-night listening.

Check out Sami Sumner's music for a wonderful listening experience from a talented musician"

J Duncan

Music critic, writer & publicist

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